Kristin Farwell
That moment when you build something kinda complicated in Eloqua that you were pretty sure HAD to be possible... and it works! I won't get into the nitty gritty (yet), but will say that I'm currently crushing on Referring Source Query String tracking, Hidden Fields and QR codes. #mktgnerd 
Sarah Hums
It’s really tempting when creating your lead scoring model to include some super high buying indicator fields that automatically identify someone as a SIZZLING HOT lead.   An example:   “When are…
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Marilyn Cox
Just posted "5 Ways Financial Services Can Improve Their Media Programs" 5 Ways Financial Services Can Improve Their Media...
Marilyn Cox
Financial Services organizations are often challenged not just with the creation of content, but also the distribution.  Firms will invest money and resources into developing strong content, but it’s…
Andrew Tuma
I've been studying for the Implementation Specialist exam and have come across two different answers for assigning value to Lead Score Threshold. In the Lead Score Configuration Guide (Eloqua 10 Lead…
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There are times when I would love the option to send an internal notification if a certain condition occurs in the campaign canvas.  Would the new AppCloud framework enable the creation of this type…
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Lauren Lilly
The Company Argus is an independent media organization with more than 600 full time staff. It is headquartered in London and has offices in each of the world’s principal commodity centers. Its main…
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