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Happy Friday everyone, I am looking for E9 gated form step by step guide link I saw on topliners a while ago. Please help me if you have it handy. Thanks in advance. Nadine
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Hello All,   I would like to export some information to our SFTP server.  I can connect to our SFTP server via FileZilla without issues, however, when I set up the SFTP credentials in Eloqua --…
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Steff Lever
Hi all,   In campaign canvas I've noticed an action called 'Send to Cloud Connector' - does anyone know what that means? I'm not sure what a cloud connector actually is (apologies, I'm a newbie!).  …
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Ken McKown
Hello,   We are currently testing creating Leads in Salesforce through Eloqua. I have setup the connection and am using the Create Lead external call, but I get this error when trying to push the…
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Marc Chouaniere
  Marketing Automation Manager - Vertafore - Seattle, WA Contact: Accelerate your marketing passion at Vertafore, the leader in modern insurance…
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David Bonan
The purpose of this blog post is to share how to use the cloud connector Form: Submit to send leads from Eloqua to your CRM system.   Eloqua has a great lead scoring tool that allows you to…
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Today my Chrome browser upgraded to version 37.  After it completed, I'm no longer able to use certain functions in Eloqua.  It appears to be related to launching certain dailog boxes.   If I go to…
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Blaine Hussey
Hi All, I only received access to our Eloqua account yesterday and I'm just looking at setting up our email templates setup properly. My main goal is to ensure our templates are as responsive…
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