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Ondrej Tokar
I do CDO export and everything goes well until I try to use this: "filter": "'{{CustomObject.CreatedAt}}'<'08-08-2014'"}" as the filter. Why it does not work?
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Neil Dillon
Hi folks,   I created a simple E10 email campaign using a segment based on a shared list, activated it and the mails were sent out as expected (mail immeditaley option). I have added a number of…
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Counting down the days to MM Experience 2014 in London... can't wait :)
Michael Fischer
Happy "Just Because Day" to all topliners out there!
Hey All   I have just discovered that the default country dropdown in Eloqua includes Yugoslavia - a state which was broken up in the early 90s. I know we can edit what our forms look like on…
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Ramona Farrell
Hi there,   Is there any documentation that details what the 'Benchmark Dashboard' means?   There's an 'Eloqua Insight Report Details PDF' (attached) but it doesn't include the Benchmark Dasboard.…
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Lisa Skoglund
Hi there,   I just recently started using Eloqua and would like to have an integration with Microsoft Outlook so that anyone who signs up for our events automatically receives a meeting request for…
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Jennifer Igartua
Hi all -
I was hoping someone could share their experience with refreshing a sandbox. I'm unsure of how much is copied over & what the risks may be.
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