astik pant
In Eloqua, a program is an automated marketing workflow that replaces repetitive manual tasks that include data cleansing, IP warming, and CRM integration. You can use Eloqua's Program Builder…
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Stephanie Pence
Attached is documentation on how to report on tracked links in Eloqua 10. This also works for reporting on PDF's that are stored in the File Storage in the component library.
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Shane LaBounty
Ok, so I got the email that I now qualify for the luminary test  . . . Ok so for my Eloqua University homies or those that have taken the test, any tips? Don't give me the generic you need to study
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Rochelle Chan
Just found the Bounceback History with Messaging report. Sooooo helpful.
Andy Shaw
All:   I have a landing page with several outbound links.  I've used trackable links for all the outbound links.  Now that I've done that, how do I report on the clicks for each link?  Insight…
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Gabriel Anghelusa
Hello   Is there any particular reason why an ELQ cookie won't link to a user profile after form submit ? The user will arrive to the page withouth an ELQ ID and the page is hosted externally and…
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Bailie Losleben
I am trying to set up query strings for salespeople so the form submissions will automatically link to the correct salesperson. Unfortunately, the tests aren't adding the salesperson to the contact…
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Betheny Herr
Are we alone on this journey?   As global marketers know, the EU cookie directive has heated up over the past several months with a "cookie sweep" happening in October. The fear of heavy fines has…
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