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Jocelyn Brown
Great crowd and great speakers at the Marketing Cloud launch in Sydney yesterday.  Favourite part, as always, was the customer panel. Looking forward to event in Melbourne tomorrow. OMCAU
Steve Ressler
We have a job opening at my company GovLoop in Washington, DC.    We are growing our marketing department (going from 2 to 3 - 50% growth - would be a great role for someone with a little bit of…
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Joseph Salugta
Working on Custom Data Objects
Abhishek Chandra
We are working on a campaign, its an email campaign for an event.   we have a RSVP link in the mail which will redirect the contacts to a form. when a contact fills a form we want to send a…
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Abhishek Chandra
we would like to remove 13k hard bounceback contacts from the Eloqua database, please suggest how can it be done
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Upasna Chandna
Marketing Challenge: Database Management Being in the intellectual property industry, our company has very unique marketing automation needs. Our target audience varies from technology giants to…
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Ndubuisi Aja
Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud Service Implementation Specialist - Done!
Ondrej Tokar
Is here any smart way how to do that, using API?   If it isn't possible by using the API the only way came to my head by downloading all the records from CDO, cleaning it up, deleting all the…
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