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Last September, I joined a company that was using Marketo as their marketing automation platform. Up to that point, I had been an Eloqua user (Certified Eloqua Product Master) for about 3 years.  I…
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Paula Pita
I see old posts on this, but no resolution.  How can I exclude all of the test form submissions from my Form reports in Insight?   We have forms that are tested hundreds of times before and after…
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Danielle Magnus
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Marilyn Cox
Laura McLellan, Research Vice President with Gartner, has written extensively on the future impact of customer experience in the C-Suite.  She recently published a fantastic post on “10 Proof Points…
Leyla Farah
So bummed I didn't get to go Sirius Decisions this year, but glad to see some great recaps coming out:
Paula Pita
I am wondering if there is a limit in Eloqua 10 to how many Lead Scoring Models you can have.   We are still rolling out Eloqua in our marketing organization, and we have diverse products going to…
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Greg Staunton
I've meant to post this story for absolutely ages but never got round to it.   As some of you will know I was away in South East Asia for quite some time.  Anyway I have one Eloqua related story…
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