We all know that managing and maintaining your data can be challenging. How your data flows between systems, or how you manage access to your data, can greatly impact its quality. Poor data quality only leads to making poor marketing and sales decisions related to your campaigns, segmentation and ultimately not getting the full picture of the ROI of your efforts.


Marketers work extremely hard, and spend a lot of money, to gain new qualified leads (a.k.a. potential customers). If not thoughtfully engaged, these prospects will soon get old, lose interest and your efforts will fall to the waste side.


To resolve data issues related to aging data, check out the below tips and resources.


#1 - Create a Welcome Campaign
A welcome campaign can present an opportunity to begin to capture data from a new contact to which you might only have their email address. It is also a great way to start a new conversation with a new potential customer. In Eloqua 10, try using the pre-installed Welcome Campaign template!

#2 - Create a Re-Engagement Nurturing Campaign
A re-engagement is also great for re-engaging older/aging contacts within your database. It will also give you the opportunity to capture updated data from your contacts.


#3 - Leave No Email Behind: How to Resurrect Bounces and Unsubscribes.

When your data gets old, it's time to start doing some dusting!


Monitoring your data will help you determine the health and age of your database. Use the built in Eloqua 10 reports to help you gauge the age of your data. Below are quick links to the Eloqua Insight Report Details Guide. A good solid read through indeed!

#1 - Create a New Contacts Added Report

It's helpful to keep track of how many new contacts are being added to Eloqua to track the growth of your marketing database as they are aligned to your marketing efforts

#2 - Create a Total Reachable Report
Knowing which contacts are available for emailing is key to understanding the aging of your data and the size of your marketing database.

#3 - Create a Total Reachable Active Report
Out of those that are reachable, it's good to know how many of those contacts are actively clicking on your links and visiting your website.

#4 - Create a Total Reachable Inactive Report
Monitoring how many are inactive is a great place to start to prevent the aging of your database.

#5 - Create a Total Unsubscribe Report
Watch the number of unsubscribes. Too many could mean your are sending communications that are not relevant to your audience.

#6 - Create a Total Bounceback Report
Aging data can be reflected in the number of hard bounces you receive. Sending an email to a list with a lot of bounce backs in return is a sign that your contact list is getting old.


#7 - Understand the Eloqua Insight Data Model
It's important to know not only the status of your data but the location of it as well. This guide helps an advance user understand how the data is structured within Eloqua 10.