Capture.PNGAfter a year of 'beta' testing, I'm now very pleased to invite you to Eloqua's space on --!


AutomatedMarketing is the place to discuss marketing automation solutions, strategies, demand generation, providers, and market conditions. This includes web marketing, email marketing, marketing segmentation, revenue growth, software capabilities, and more.


AutomatedMarketing is a great place to find out what Eloquans are reading and talking about including the most recent news, the best content from (75 links and counting!), best practices, and time saving tricks. It's been live for about a year and in that time I have compiled over 286 curated, searchable links! Quickly learn more about complex topics like: EU privacy regulation, lead scoring methodologies, content marketing strategies, and more by searching within AutomatedMarketing.


Have questions? Updates to the article? Advice? Links of your own that are too good not to share? Leave comments or submit content and get shiny upvotes for your efforts! Reddit is an astounding communication and information sharing platform that you can access in moments. Then, engage with other marketers, other Eloqua users, and the general internet! Vote on the things you like, downvote the things you don't, and customize your experience - Reddit is all about adapting to your interests and tastes, and hopefully, you'll want AutomatedMarketing as part of your own "front page"!


There is a ton of great stuff already in place over at AutomatedMarketing, all that we're missing is you! If you are already a Reddit user, please visit the page and subscribe. If you are new to Reddit but curious, the first step is a quick account registration (astonishingly painless). Sign up and start subscribing to 'sub-reddits' (AutomatedMarketing is an example of a 'sub-reddit'), and importantly, unsubscribing from the content areas you don't want. For example, I have one Reddit account - EloquaEmployee - for work and another for home. They use the same platform, but provide different experiences.


The Preferences page in the top right corner of any Reddit page will be important to read; there are a lot of valuable settings to familiarize yourself with.


Please consider this short list of other 'sub-reddits' you may wish to subscribe to, but there are thousands more to choose from:



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Please stay tuned to AutomatedMarketing and for more news about Reddit and the growing AutomatedMarketing community as I have some great ideas to come! I'd be happy to address any questions you may have and do feel free to private message me on Reddit with any questions or requests!


Thanks and happy Redditing!



*A big thanks to Egan Cheung, Michael Gray, and Heather Foeh for their assistance and encouragement on this project so far!