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Sebastian Zentgraf

Eloqua Sales Awards

Posted by Sebastian Zentgraf Nov 27, 2013

We recently launched Eloqua sales tools Prospect Profiler and Engage within our company. We started out small, giving licenses only to our salespeople, who were part of our Lead Scoring pilot group. Slowly but surely the interest in Engage and Prospect Profiler grew within sales community. While we started at the beginning with just 20 licenses, we now allocated over 200 licenses to our sales and marketing users (about 50% of our sales force). We trained our regional marketing managers on the tools, so that they could train their sales teams in the regions. And then we created the Eloqua Sales Awards.


The Eloqua Sales Awards celebrate and recognize excellent adoption and usage of the Eloqua sales tools Prospect Profiler and Engage.The goal is to encourage adoption and application of Eloqua sales tools post training, share success and promote best practice across the Sales teams. How does it work? At the beginning of each month I will be sending out an internal message on our intranet to the Eloqua Sales User group with the request to share their Eloqua success stories. They have to respond to the message with a comment and share with everyone how Eloqua sales tools helped them to ​communicate more efficiently with customers, track responses and activities in real time and/or identify the hottest and most engaged prospects. We run the Eloqua Sales Awards ones a month for six month. The Eloqua Sales Award winner will receive a cash bonus with their next paycheck.

And here is one of our first success stories:

Despite having moved into Getty Images’ Japanese sales team very recently as an Inbound Telesales Representative, Yosuke has already closed a large Video Pack deal. Part of his responsibility includes looking after many different companies, a lot of which are located outside of Tokyo, so personal customer visits are not an option for Yosuke. Instead, he has relied on Eloqua’s sales tools to keep in contact with customers and is truly an example of how best to utilize Eloqua for remote sales.


Yosuke uses Eloqua Engage to send out weekly personalised emails to around 200 contacts at a time, informing them about various business news, such as new stock collections. His emails are read by over 50 per cent of the recipients. Yosuke has also set up web visit alerts using Eloqua’s Prospect Profiler, to ensure he receives an email notification once a customer has read his email and clicked through to visit the Getty Images website. Every web visit by a customer is then followed up with a call, and with every call comes a follow-up Engage email!

Eloqua’s sales tool help me to communicate more efficiently with my customers, track their activities in real time and identify the hottest, most engaged prospects” explained Yosuke.

With his weekly emails Yosuke was able to change the perception his regional customers’ have of Getty Images. For example, his client, an advertisement production company for regional TV channels with small budgets, previously perceived Getty Images as an expensive imagery company. Due to his emails and follow-up calls, when they visited the website, they realised that Getty Images offers a wealth of media, including affordable video content. He was then able to sell them Footage pack for their local TV commercials, as well as a Web Pack.


I would be very interested to find out how other companies rolled out Eloqua's sales tools Prospect Profiler and Engage. So please share your ideas and experiences with me.

I recently moved from one Eloqua customer to another and I am in the process of getting everything set up properly.  In the new company, almost all our sales team are working on the phone selling direct in acquisition mode.  We just launched a new sales process using SFDC and now I am in the process of introducing Eloqua sales tools, team by team.  Last week we went live with Discover and Profiler in the US and the feedback from the team has been phenomenal:-


The Chief Commercial Officer sent me a note saying "Listen to it....."


”I am hot on Eloqua now”

“It’s unbelievable”

“It’s a game changer”

“I am sending all my e-mails on Eloqua now”




Then today I had several thank you's from the sales reps.  One read:-


"Hope you're settling back in after your time out of the office.  Just wanted to drop a line to thank you again for helping us switch over to Eloqua for our emails.  I'm sending my cold emails SO much faster in the morning and it's been a huge help for me, personally.


I've also overheard many a conversation wherein reps are checking into the email opens and click throughs.


Thanks again and have a great rest of your week!"



So far we have provided a suite of emails to help them start the conversation with new prospects and we are about to launch another set of emails to help them to progress their opportunities more quickly and with higher conversion.  It's great getting this sort of feedback from the sales team so if you are thinking about using Eloqua sales tools then I hope you find it encouraging or inspiring!





Modern Marketing for Higher Education Webcast

Attract and convert constituents into lifelong brand ambassadors using dynamic, responsive and personalized communications.

Join us for a 30-minute information packed webcast:
One Audience, Many Interests:
Personalizing your constituent and alumni experience.


Wednesday December 4th


11am PST | 2pm EST

From Oracle Eloqua and Apex IT



Guest Presenter:
Bryan Hinz,
Vice President, Apex IT

Apex IT is a leader in helping higher education, public sector, and corporate clients use technology to streamline their processes and increase productivity and profitability.

You can have more influence over the opinions and loyalties formed.
It takes implementing the strategies of Modern Marketing;  tactics to help you better captivate your audience based on their interests and concerns moment to moment.

You can make them feel more important, even online.

You have to have a way to anticipate what your audience is interested in and how they are looking for answers. Real time.  We call that reading and reacting to their “Digital Body Language™” and we’d like to show you how.

Why you should give us an hour of your time.
You’ll see how institutions like Harvard, NIU and Devry are tapping the latest automated social and marketing tools, to:

  • Build a loyal student and alumni base
  • Leverage social media to get to the students, alumni, recruits that are relevant to their institutions and take appropriate action.
  • Get accurate measurement and reports regarding engagement programs, events, tours etc.
  • Gauge what is being said about their “brand.”

We look forward to you joining us.

Your Friends at Eloqua

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Marilyn Cox John Katsoulis Chris Mapili Jody Mooney





Modern Marketing for Manufacturing

Featuring Markie Winner Karen Primm of Eaton

Join us for a 30-minute information-packed webcast:
Translating campaigns into revenue, multi-channel engagement, single master control.


Thursday November 21st


11am PST | 2pm EST


Karen Primm,

Manager - Marcom Operations


Join Karen Primm, Manager - Marcom Operations at EATON to learn:


  • How multi-channel, digital marketing works – and the advantages it delivers


  • The benefits of actively monitoring online behaviors to truly know customers and prospects by reading Digital Body Language™


  • How to best leverage the enhanced insights gained through powerful reporting and analytics for continuous improvement and ROI


  • The steps needed to make Modern Marketing part of your organization's DNA






...that more than 60 percent of companies admit that the quality of what they do is held back because they don't have the resources to effectively interpret enterprise data.

Read more


44 percent of the respondents agreed that their campaigns were mostly promotions around their product launches or upgrades.

Read more



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To see the more beautifully formatted blog post go here.


5 Highlights From The Eloqua Fall Release


When you log in to Eloqua today, you should notice some differences immediately. Eloqua is a bit fancier, it has new icons and an updated foldering structure. After poking around, you’ll discover that these updates extend way beyond the user interface.

Yesterday, Eloqua released the Fall ‘13 updates to their platform. The update has targeted a better UI experience, deeper reporting, and more flexibility in customizing the platform. Below are the five features I’m most excited about.

  1. Visual click through report
    With nearly 300 votes for this feature on Eloqua’s Support Portal, it’s no wonder this made it to #1. With the visual click through report, you’ll be able to analyze what links in your email led to click throughs. You’ll see a snapshot of your email, overlaid with performance metrics. Those on E9 are already privy to this report, as it was a feature removed when E10 was introduced.

    There are improvements in the release in E10. For example, if you use the same link throughout the email, you’ll be able to see aggregated statistics for that link.
  2. Lead score history
    If you’re using Eloqua’s Lead Scoring capabilities in E10, you will now be able to track a lead’s historical scores. You can see the associated activities that have pushed the lead to a new score.

    A pain point for users around lead score history has been the overwhelming amount of data points that are given in the summary. Every time the lead scoring program runs, the history is there. For many leads, this can mean the same score shown on the screen. Now you no longer see the history every time the scoring runs, but instead when they change.

    The productized lead scoring is being used more and more by clients, as with each release it becomes more powerful. Specifically, the speed of the engine is activity driven, instead of pulling data (like the program builder). It is also much simpler and easy to create and modify. For some clients, the program builder will still be the best option, as it is more robust. It has the capability to be more granular.
  3. The Unique Identifier is not just for emails
    For Eloqua, the Unique Identifier for contacts is email address. This makes sense for most customers as it is how they reach out. For those that are sharing contacts through business units, product lines, or have contacts sharing an email address, such as a couple. This, again, is a feature only release on E10.

    Multiple Identities is a huge change to the data model. Store the same individual by different ID, for example SFDC Lead ID, SFDC Contact ID. This is great for anyone that has an inquiry based model, where an inquiry creates a lead.
  4. First-party cookie support option
    Eloqua has always used third-party cookies. Benefit being that they can track across domains and different properties, giving marketers a holistic view of of their buyers.

    The support for first-party cookies is being driven by growth of third-party cookie rejection. This change is coming from both users blocking or deleting third-party cookies and browsers not supporting them. Apple’s Safari has been defaulting to blocking third-party cookies for some time, and Chrome, Firefox & IE have stated that they will as well.

    With first-party cookies, marketers can continue to track a lead’s digital body language and should see an increase in mobile traffic visibility.
  5. Sandbox to production
    Although a “sandbox” has been available for Eloqua, it was in essence a separate instance with no link to its production counterpart. This was limiting, as keeping the two in synch was a manual effort. With this release, admins and IT users have on-demand replication of production to sandbox for a true testing environment.

    Keep in mind that unlike Salesforce, there are no change sets to push changes from sandbox to production. Meaning that changes to the sandbox have to be recreated in production manually. Hopefully that will be a feature in future releases.

For more details, visit Eloqua Topliners.

See how you can take advantage of Eloqua updates and drive innovation in your Marketing department with the guide, The Three Pillars of Modern Digital Marketing.

Learning from SMBs: How Small and Medium Sized Business are Embracing Modern Marketing

October 29, 2013

2:00pm ET / 11:00am PT

Register Here


BtoB: The Magazine for Marketing Strategists is hosting a webinar on October 29, featuring 2 members of the Eloqua community.


This webinar will look at research conducted by BtoB in partnership with Oracle | Eloqua that defines the characteristics of an ideal modern marketer and how SMB marketers are embodying that ideal and making use of the technologies that enable them to craft powerful marketing campaigns. See Eloqua customers Jessica Davis, Marketing Operations Manager for Avalara and Kate Burns, Vice President, Marketing and Creative Services for Leading Authorities, Inc., present their experiences, tips and tricks for being successful Modern Marketers in the SMB environment.


Please register at the link above to join us!

Leigh Burke

G2Crowd Review

Posted by Leigh Burke Oct 15, 2013

Looking for another way to earn a Topliners badge and more points??

Go to http://www.g2crowd.com/products/eloqua/reviews and provide a review of Eloqua and you can earn the following G2Crowd Topliners badge.




The badge is worth 175 points, but if you provide a review between now & October 20, 2013 you'll get bonus points for a total of 400 points!!  What are you waiting for, go provide a review today.


Note: the badges are manually assigned, once we receive notification from G2Crowd that a review has been posted and we are able to match the G2Crowd user with their Topliners profile.  If you  have any questions, please let me know.



Nitro offers digital document solutions for both desktop and cloud (Nitro Cloud). Our revenue model is split between B2B (Enterprise) direct sales and B2C online sales. The dichotomy between channels is defined by the number of licenses a user purchases. Volume license inquiries of 11+ are handled by Nitro’s Enterprise sales team, while customers interested in less than 11 licenses are encouraged to purchase instantly from our e-commerce solution.


The Challenge:


Nitro has always had a top-heavy funnel due to the massive volume of free Nitro Pro trials downloaded every month. However, it was difficult to determine whether these inquiries were better suited to purchase Online (<11 licenses for B2C), or if they should speak with our Nitro for Business direct sales team (11+ licenses for B2B)—in other words, it was a challenge to decipher how we should be communicating with each lead. In order to bring more clarity to our communication and revenue strategies, Nitro integrated a predictive lead scoring model into our existing Eloqua framework. This way, new inquiries would be scored based on how closely their implicit behavior resembled the behavior of historic Closed/Won Enterprise opportunities.



The Results:

By integrating the predictive lead scoring model with Eloqua, we have been able to effectively customize the communications we’re sending to top-of-the-funnel inquiries. With a more personal approach, Nitro is now receiving almost 100 personal replies a day—and they’re slowly increasing. Many responses are questions about the trial and/or product, which present a great opportunity to cut user frustrations off at the pass. Other inquiries are outright sales requests, which are of course directed to a Sales Development Representative for qualification, or to the Online cart for quick and easy purchasing.


Our new demand generation funnel, powered by predictive lead scoring and integrated with Eloqua, has increased sales efficiency and overall sales lead volume. Reps can see a new MQL “at-a-glance,” along with the correlating predictive lead score and Eloqua marketing lead score, and better prioritize the leads to follow-up with. MQLs more suited for the Online channel, or those who are still too early in the sales cycle, are flowed into a Recycle Nurture program which consists of a monthly Online or Enterprise Newsletter.


The personalization of the nurture programs has been a big win for Nitro, and we would not have been successful in its implementation without the predictive lead scoring integration with Eloqua. We’re now able to identify more sales opportunities than ever, and users are letting us know directly about their product and trial problems and questions, allowing our customer service and technical teams to jump in early on in the sales process. Users have been quite enthusiastic about the prompt and personal Nitro replies, which has translated into direct Online purchases of Nitro Pro and the conveyance of the positive messages on to Management for deployment consideration.

Out of the box Eloqua imports activity into Salesforce as a long stream of information. This wouldn't work for our Account Managers, who don't  have time to sort through the vast amount of information. We tried using the Profiler tool, but that also combined too much data and make it difficult for Account Managers to understand what their client was doing.


We decided to customize the marketing activities objective in Salesforce, and relate actions to a particular email, eliminating the stream of information including Opens and Clickthroughs.


Below is a screenshot of the first level of custom integration. Rather than listing all activities (such as opens) as a stream, activities are grouped by email, and tallied and reported in separate columns to show the relationship to that email.


Also, rather than requiring the copy and paste in the "Activity Detail," we have the URL string automatically pulled out and put in a separate column to hyperlink to the unique email. This makes it easy for Account Managers to click through to the email sent to their client.


Also, you'll see that "Website Visit" and "Email Clickthrough" are included the "Marketing Activity Name" column. We've already pivoted and blocked those actions from coming threw, because they're unnecessary. So an Account Manager can see the latest emails to go to his client, without seeing other activities that clog up object. Now when an Account Manager does want to see what happened in an email, they can click on the "Marketing Activity Name" to see all related activity listed (see below for a screenshot).


Salesforce Screen Shot 1.PNG.png


This screen provided additional information on activities that happened because of that email. 


salesforece screenshot 2.PNG.png

Mike Miller

Language Preference

Posted by Mike Miller Sep 30, 2013

How do you determine language preference?  Do you determine language based upon country?  Do you have a process in place to allow the user to determine?  If so, what does that look like

We had a requirement where we wanted to insert Degree symbol in subject of an email. This applies to E9 or E10.


At first I wasn't sure how to get this setup in Eloqua, exploring all options.


  • Directly inserting a code in Subject line (Example 360 #186).
  • Field merge.
  • Static content
  • Dynamic content



So for E10 (Fortunately)


Option 1:  Here are few steps:


  1. Use Firefox to get started and login into Eloqua, Chrome will not work properly.
  2. Create a dynamic content, name it according to your character.
  3. Choose the default content, click Full and click Full, and click Src.
  4. Insert the special character code, in our case &#186;
  5. Save and close.
  6. Drag and drop the Dynamic content in subject line
  7. Send a test email for complete test.


It will work like a magic.


So what about folks on E9, we cannot drag and drop dynamic content in Subject line.


Well here's Option 2:


(This even works for E10 as well, make sure you test this at least few times)


  1. Click on the subject line.
  2. Press and hold "Alt" key on your computer (Yes for Windows only for Mac Use Option)
  3. Press #186 on Numeric keyboard not on the numbers on top of keyboard.
  4. Release "Alt" Key , and wallah, like magic, the symbol will appear.
  5. Send a test email for complete test.


For additional list and symbols and their HTML codes visit HTML Symbol Entities Reference , and for keyboard symbols please visit http://symbolcodes.tlt.psu.edu/accents/codealt.html


Hope this gets your creative juices flowing.


Thank You

Amit Pandya

With the help of sophisticated marketing automation tools, marketers are using the habits & behaviors of their customers, and turning them into robust segmentation. Marketing automation engines like Eloqua, Marketo, Pardot, and ExactTarget (to name a few), can now send a targeted email based on a lead’s digital persona, location, company, CRM data, or buying patterns. When leveraged properly, this is an incredibly powerful asset to a business—assuring the right message gets to the right person, at the right time. However, despite all this large machinery working for us in the cloud, we may be missing one of the simplest ways of targeting customers; asking them what they want they want to hear.

By implementing a subscription center for preference management, you allow your customers to ‘raise their hand’ and choose how they want to be contacted, the frequency of your messages, and what type of content they want to receive from your business. If this is not a part of your current functionality, a subscription center should be in your immediate roadmap.


Read On-->

Congratulations to the innovative Modern Marketers and Eloqua customers recognized this year by BtoB as the Top 25 Digital Marketers!



Toni Adams, VP-Global Partner and Alliances Marketing, VMware

Gina Ballenger, VP-Digital Marketing Manager, Enterprise Social Media, Wells Fargo

Rishi Dave, Executive Director of Online Marketing, Dell

Belinda Hudmon, Senior director-digital strategy and operations, Motorola Solutions

Nick Panayi, Director, Global Brand & Digital Marketing, CSC

Adrian Parker, Social, Mobile and Emerging Media, Intuit

Venetta Linas Paris, Global Marketing Manager, Aon

May Petry, VP, Digital Marketing, HP Software

Kevin Sellers, VP-Sales and Marketing Group and Director-Creative Services and Digital Marketing, Intel Corp.



Earlier this year Eloqua partnered with BtoB online for the Defining the Modern Marketer survey where hundreds of respondents helped establish the 5 Tenets of Modern Marketing. To learn more, you can download the report from the Marketing Essentials Library: http://www.eloqua.com/resources/essentials-library.html

Our annual conference, Eloqua Experience 2013, is taking place October 23-25 in San Francisco.  Perhaps you are one of the die-hard Eloquans who wouldn’t dream of missing it - you’re getting your Eloqua flair ready, you already know what you’re going to wear to the Markies and you’re psyched about seeing keynote speaker, Vince Gilligan, creator of the hit television series Breaking Bad. Or maybe you haven’t registered yet and are wondering why you should attend #EE13 and whether it would be a good use of your time. If you are in the second camp, hear what some of your peers have to say and learn what they have gained from attending Eloqua Experience.


Scott Logan Marketing Campaign Manager at inContact:

“Eloqua Experience is a gold mine of experts willing to share. Every conversation has the potential of sparking the idea for your next most successful campaign. My team needed a new video content tool that not only hosted our videos, but allowed us to easily incorporate them into our Eloqua campaigns. Being at EE12 allowed me find and meet VidYard to discuss my team's need. Our conversations lead to ending our search for the right tool and we have even submitted Markie application based on what they have allowed us to do.”


“Four years of using a different marketing automation platform and not going to anything like Eloqua Experience made me feel like I was working in a bubble. Once I switched to Eloqua and went to Eloqua Experience, I honestly became a part of an amazing community of experts willing to share all their knowledge for the betterment of everyone. The networking I have done and knowledge I have picked up in the last two years has made me more successful than if I was working outside of Eloqua's community for another four or possibly more.”


“Eloqua has boosted my personal career along with those on my team. Because of Eloqua, EE and winning a Markie, I have had the pleasure of speaking alongside the country's marketing experts using the knowledge that Eloqua's community helped provide in the first place. I have been more successful by taking advantage of the expertise EE provides.”


Kathrine Hogrefe Marketing Manager at Verint:

I think the biggest thing I learned last year was the idea to implement a Marketing Dashboard. I got this from InContact’s presentation. We’ve implemented this year and it’s a great resource for people to go to see what Marketing is doing as well as a good place for us to go to quickly summarize what we are working on.”


Mike Bernard Digital Marketing Manager at GovDelivery:

“I love hearing from other marketing professionals about what they're doing that's working. I get so many great ideas from Eloqua Experience and can't wait to get home to start implementing what I've learned. EE is a great time to network with peers, catch up with old friends and get face-to-face time with Eloqua staff.”


Jessica Davis Marketing Operations Manager at Avalara:

Attending Eloqua Experience provided efficiency tools and best practices that we could apply within our organization. We immediately joined the Chatter inside Eloqua Beta group and were so pleased with the functionality. Our campaign approval processes was instantly streamlined.”


“I started getting more involved in the Eloqua user community through Topliners for best practices and troubleshooting, making the experience and capabilities of Eloqua smoother and more effective.”


Pretty impressive, huh? Ready to join us at EE13? Get the full details and register for the Modern Marketing conference of the year here!

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