Using Company ID as the unique identifier


A customer had no CRM system to uniquely identify Companies to Contacts (e.g. Salesforce company ID).  Instead of using Company Name (as it may change in future), the customer used a deduplication rule to copy the Eloqua Company ID to a contact field.

Sample data of Companies 

Company Name     Company ID

Eloqua                    Eloqua1234567890

Apple                      Apple0987654321

Sample data of Contacts

Contact Name          Company Name

Kenneth Goh             Eloqua

Delwen Lau               Eloqua

Steve Jobs                Apple

Expected outcome

Contact Name          Company Name     Company ID

Kenneth Goh             Eloqua                    Eloqua1234567890

Delwen Lau               Eloqua                    Eloqua1234567890

Steve Jobs                Apple                      Apple0987654321



The deduplication rule handler "Update a field with field values from matched records" did not allow the use of Eloqua Company ID field to update the Contact field;  Eloqua Company ID field was not searchable.



1. Create a new Company ID field in the company table <Company ID>.

2. Create an update rule for Companies Entity Type and perform the following:

     a. Select <Company ID> field as the field to update.

     b. Select "Overwrite value from other field" as the update action.

     c. Select <Eloqua Company ID> field so the field value will be used to update the <Company ID> field.

3. Write a simple program to run all companies through and performing the Update Rule action.

4. In the original program for Contacts, run the deduplication rule and use the new <Company ID> field for copying to the Contact table.