Eloqua's Chart of the Week:  Is Out-of-the-Box Reporting Enough?

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                                                      Source:  Eloqua's Scheduled Export Reports Q1 2013    

Our Analysis:

Here at Eloqua, we've had many clients ask for the ability to customize their marketing reports so that they can see their data in a way that is the most effective for their particular needs.  This usually involves slicing and dicing a report using custom fields and values. 

Approximately 6 months ago, we launched the Analyzer license in Eloqua Insight.  Analyzers can fully customize existing reports and dashboards as well as create new ones from the Eloqua data model.  The Analyzer license puts the full power of analytics and business intelligence in the hands of the Eloqua user.

It's very gratifying, although not surprising, to look at the increased adoption of customized reports in Eloqua by those Analyzer users.  The chart above shows custom vs. out-of-the-box reports that are set to run automatically (e.g. to the user's history list or via email subscription).  Users run these reports automatically so that they can easily see updates without having to manually run them.  You can see that over 25% of these reports have been customized, and we expect that number to continue to increase as more and more clients purchase Analyzer licenses. Usually the customization done involves adding in the client's specific contact or campaign data to do deeper analysis of the out-of-the-box reports.  However, some are completely new reports and dashboards.

What this chart does not show is the total number of ad-hoc reporting done by Analyzer users.  That would include all one-off and not automatically run reports...sounds like a great topic for another Chart of the Week!

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