Eloqua AdFocus

With the Eloqua AdFocus, marketers can now include paid media in their campaigns in the form of dynamic, personalized display ads. Marketers can use the digital body language stored in either individual contacts or accounts to map to specific ad creative and copy to ensure display ads are individually targeted and personalized to the recipient. And this can all be done right from the Campaign Canvas without writing any code or HTML.

AdFocus works in conjunction with either Demandbase for account-level targeting or Bizo for contact-level targeting to ensure that only the leads or accounts you care about are served ads on third party web publications. No longer do you need to work with dozens of different specialized publishers to hope you get in front of your intended audience - with AdFocus you can ensure that 100% of your ads are getting to the leads you care about.

bizo_adfocus-screen 1.png


Whether you’re targeting top key accounts, or configuring more advanced dynamic display ad nurturing, you can ensure that your ad buy gets maximum impact and delivers the most targeted content to your leads.

  • Include display ads directly within campaigns alongside email, social, and web to track and manage your owned, earned, and paid channels all in a single place.
  • Target leads based on industry without spending needless time and money researching specialized publishers and placing ad buys with multiple exchanges.
  • Deliver display ads that map to a lead nurture stage to ensure you’re delivering the most relevant offers to the right audience.
  • Provide personalized ad copy that references your lead’s name, company, or even account manager and contact info.

67% of all ads are served to unintended targets. Ensure that your display ad spend goes only to leads or contacts you care about, not the other 67%.

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