ReadyTalk for Eloqua

Understand your prospects buying behavior and move leads through the pipeline faster with ReadyTalk’s full-featured webinar solution that integrates directly with Eloqua’s industry-leading marketing automation platform. ReadyTalk for Eloqua allows you to leverage the strengths of both services – ReadyTalk to host a flawless webinar and Eloqua to promote your webinar and speed follow up.


Check out ReadyTalk for Eloqua in Action (3:10 minutes)


Promote Your Webinars with Eloqua

Use the powerful Eloqua Program Builder or Campaign Canvas workflow to promote your live or previously recorded webinar and drive registrations. When a prospect indicates they will attend the webinar or playback the recording, Eloqua automatically sends their data to ReadyTalk to register them. Use your Eloqua landing pages and event emails to maintain existing workflows as well as your brand’s look-and-feel.


Increase Webinar Attendance with a Unique ICS File

ReadyTalk helps you drive better attendance rates by making it easy for registrants to add your event to their calendar. An ICS file containing your registrant’s unique ‘Join Meeting’ link is included in confirmation and reminder emails sent from Eloqua.


Improve Funnel Velocity

Immediately after the webinar, you can automatically re-score, hand-off and follow-up with prospects based on engagement indicators like how they responded to a specific polling and post-event survey question, or how long they attended the event.


Extend Webinar ROI

Utilize recorded content to follow-up with attendees or no-shows after the live event has ended, or include recordings as part of content marketing programs to reach new audiences.  Instantly capture the important engagement metric of how long each prospect viewed a recording within Eloqua.


Learn More:

  • ReadyTalk for Eloqua Datasheet (attached below)
  • Eloqua/ReadyTalk Whitepaper (attached below)
  • How-to Guide: ReadyTalk For Eloqua (attached below)
  • ReadyTalk for Webinars Brochure (attached below)





Although Eloqua does not charge for access to this app, additional fees and/or a subscription are required by the provider. Please contact ReadyTalk for additional details.


Company Overview

ReadyTalk delivers audio and web conferencing services that empower customers to successfully conduct audio and web conferences of all sizes – from collaborative meetings to large webinars.