atEvent Card Scanner App

Mobile Lead Capture Anytime, Anywhere


The atEvent Card Scanner app enhances and automates lead capture at events by enabling marketing and sales staff to scan business cards, add follow-up actions and other context about the prospect interaction, and automatically send the information to their CRM or marketing automation system.


Business cards collected at events need to be manually transcribed, a tedious and error-prone process. The resulting prospect records are unqualified and lack context. The atEvent Card Scanner app solves these problems by automating the card capture process and allowing users to easily add information about each prospect interaction.


The atEvent Card Scanner app is fully integrated with Eloqua and the most widely used CRM systems. Prospect interaction data is automatic transferred, enabling rapid follow-up and nurturing.


Key Benefits:

  • Automate collection of prospect information at events and eliminate tedious business card transcription.
  • Create rich prospect records by allowing users to add follow-up actions and other information to each prospect interaction.
  • Transfer prospect intelligence in real time into CRM and marketing automation systems to update lead scores and trigger personalized follow-up emails and sales alerts.


Learn More:

  • Product Sheet – atEvent Card Scanner App (attached below)
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Although Eloqua does not charge for access to this app, additional fees and/or a subscription are required by the provider.  Please contact atEvent for additional details.

Company Overview
atEvent is a leading provider of mobile applications that help companies generate qualified leads and engage prospects at events.  Our apps are fully integrated with most widely used marketing automation and CRM systems to provide a 360˚ view of prospect activity and enable automated, rapid follow-up and customized prospect nurturing.