Twilio SMS & Picture Messaging SparkPlug

Mobilize your campaigns and engage your prospects and customers with the Twilio SMS & Picture Messaging SparkPlug. Our plug-and-play integration to Twilio’s powerful mobile messaging platform allows you to automatically send SMS or Picture messages from any program or campaign.

  • Easily integrate SMS or Picture messaging into any automated campaign or program
  • Engage users away from their desks by sending to their mobile devices
  • Send triggered updates to attendees during your event
  • Offer coupons and offers using picture messages


How It Works:

The Twilio SMS & Picture Messaging SparkPlug can send and receive mobile messages from within the Eloqua platform.  Features include:

  • Send and receive SMS & Picture messages to mobile numbers in hundreds of countries
  • Configure auto-responder messages for inbound texts
  • Purchase mobile numbers from multiple countries for localized sending
  • All outbound and inbound messages are logged in a custom object

Learn More:

  • Datasheet: Twilio SMS Picture Messaging (attached below)
  • How-to Guide: Using Twilio SparkPlug with Eloqua (attached below)
  • Website



Although Eloqua does not charge for access to this app, additional fees and/or a subscription are required by the provider. Please contact SureShot Media for additional details.

Company Overview

Sparkplugs were created by Sure Shot Media to help Eloqua’s customers have easy access to a variety of industry-leading marketing applications and data providers with a single account. By adding one of the 15+ SparkPlugs into your Eloqua instance, you can immediately increase the effectiveness of your marketing and maximize your Eloqua investment.