Time and again, both our customers and internal experts tout the importance of using naming conventions for Eloqua assets and components. I've reviewed all the discussions, documents and presentations here on Topliners and summarized the most popular resources and tips about this topic for your convenience. Both new Eloqua customers and users with existing instances should find something helpful here!


What are the benefits of creating naming conventions for Eloqua assets and components?

  • It makes it easier to find assets in Eloqua.
  • Naming conventions assist with reporting. If you include a code within your campaign name to indicate "Product Type," you can drill down more easily into your Eloqua reports to see how different product type campaigns performed.
  • It helps you perform various content management tasks. Archiving, for example, is easier if the date appears in the file names.


Where can I find sample naming conventions?

While there is no single approach to naming conventions that will work for every organization, the Eloqua 10 Naming Convention How-to-Guidelines spreadsheet receives a lot of positive feedback from marketers.


Our Eloqua assets are very disorganized because my organization either didn't create or didn't enforce naming conventions. Now what do I do?

Don't despair! Clean House: 5 Tips for Bringing Order to Your Assets is a very popular post that will help you bring order to the chaos. It includes a naming convention matrix spreadsheet (similar to the one available in Eloqua 10 Naming Convention How-to-Guidelines) that lists component names for both E9 and E10.


What else should I keep in mind?

  • Consider your reporting objectives when creating your naming conventions. Think about all the ways you'd like to be able to drill down on your reports when looking at trends across campaigns and assets. Your naming conventions should aid you in uncovering those details.
  • Aim for consistency in naming conventions across integrated systems, such as your CRM, CMS and web analytics platform. Note: Where integrated systems are involved, you will likely need to convene a cross-departmental team to agree on naming conventions. Keep this team small; otherwise, the process of arriving at a consensus will be very frustrating and time consuming!
  • Ensure that you document the naming conventions and communicate them throughout the organization to encourage compliance.
  • Conventions need to be monitored on a regular basis to ensure compliance. The frequency of this monitoring will vary depending on the rate at which assets and components are created in your Eloqua instance; some of our customers recommend reviewing the naming of new content on a weekly basis.
  • Plan to revisit naming conventions with Eloqua stakeholders to determine if adjustments are required.