You’ve just finished that killer campaign that you’ve been planning and building for months…


You’ve tested each element more times than you care to remember.  Then…


… This email, from the sales director, arrives in your inbox:


Hi, could you just send me copies of the emails that are going out tomorrow.


What?... “Just send”!!!  Like it’s that easy! 


It’s not just a matter of just clicking ‘Go’ as every non-Eloqua person in our office thinks.
Going to the ’test content and deliverability centre’ 30 times is time consuming and,

no matter how hard you try, things get missed or you get distracted and forget where

you were (Yes, it’s not just you, It happens to all of us).


You’d be surprised how many times we’re asked to send tests of all emails in a canvas.

We have demanding clients…  As they should be.  In fact, we’d be worried if they


Fortunately for you, we have a solution to this multiple test nightmare…


Now, you might think this a pain but stick with it, it saves
us so much time and we honestly wonder how we managed before.


It’s simple really.  Build a test canvas, so it looks like this:


No logic, No shared lists/filters.  Just a good, old fashioned, email blast to
the people that only want to see the emails and don’t want to flow through the


Here’s how:

  • Build a simple segment with just those who want to see the emails (add yourself for peace of mind)
  • Add all the emails to a canvas flowing one after the other
  • Add a minimal wait step of 0.01 at the beginning and a 1 day wait step at the end.  This
    will allow you to feed people back in if they need you too.


This really is the best and most efficient way to test the content of multiple emails.  Give it a go
and let me know how you get on…