Progressive Profiling allows you to build your contact profiles by selectively and incrementally requesting key pieces of contact data from online visitors. This approach ensures that visitors aren't overwhelmed and makes them more likely to voluntarily complete gaps in their own personal profiles.

Most marketers readily understand why this approach is valuable but until now, implementing Progressive Profiling has often presented challenges since it requires some knowledge of HTML and JavaScript (computer programming language). I have good news! Eloqua offers a tool and an education course that opens up the possibility of using progressively profiling techniques to any user type - No HTML or JavaScript skills required!

I've just finished developing a new course, Eloqua10 Progressive Profiling, which walks users through the steps to set up and use Eloqua's Progressive Profiling Cloud Component. You can learn more about the course here If you’re an All Access Education Pass holder and you are new to the concept and implementation of Progressive Profiling, I encourage you to attend.