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What are your 2013 goals?

Sarah Hums

Lately I've been encouraging a lot of the clients I work with to take a step back from the crazy end of year madness and tell me - "what are your 2-3 main business objectives for 2013?"


I hear a lot of different answers, mostly like this:

  • "I want to implement lead scoring."
  • "We need to get SFDC integration up and running w/ Eloqua."
  • "I need to get my sales team using Engage."
  • "We need to start doing lead nurturing."


These things are noble objectives and obviously important parts of a marketing automation strategy, but let me point something out - they are not business objectives. These are initiatives.


Business objectives are a level higher - what are you actually trying to accomplish for your specific organization by taking on these initiatives? WHY are you doing them? Here are some possible business objectives aligned with my examples above.


InitiativeCorrelating Marketing Objective
Lead ScoringProvide x% more qualified leads to sales in 2013 vs. 2012
SFDC/Eloqua IntegrationIncrease speed of lead follow up by x hours and provide relevant details to sales on what the lead is interested in
Implement EngageEnable sales to provide consistent and trackable messaging to prospects
Lead NurturingReduce the number of leads that become disqualified and fall through the cracks by x%


Note a few things - objectives are measurable. They are specific to your business. They give you something to look back in 6-12 months and say "are we successful"? Once you determine your business objectives, THEN you can back it out and determine:


1. What are the major initiatives that will help me get there?

2. What tactics will need to be implemented as part of these initiatives?


I'd like to know - what are YOUR 2013 marketing objectives (and resulting initiatives, if you know them)?