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Webex vs. GoToWebinar - Pros? Cons?

Sarah Hums

Can anyone give me some thoughts on your experiences with using Webex and GoToWebinar? Both have integrations with Eloqua so I'm looking for the following:


  • What was your experience using and setting up the Eloqua integration?
  • Have you experienced any technical issues with either solution that have impacted your webinar success?
  • What do you like and dislike about the solution?
  • How easy is it to use and manipulate the file for on-demand recording production?
  • Any other thoughts?




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    Rob Woods

    Bump. Interested in this as well.

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    Eddie Stemkowski

    I'd rather post the form data to the WebEx/GoToWebinar than use the Cloud Connector because it still takes about 5-10 minutes for Campaign Canvas to execute the Register Cloud Connector. I want to send a confirmation to that user right away. I know the WebEx URL API commands so that's not a problem, but not so much on the Citrix side.


    My issue with the Citrix Cloud Connector is that it only writes a meeting url into a contact field. The WebEx one will write into a datacard, which will give you a lot more flexibility.


    I'm not sure if the WebEx connector does this, but ReadyTalk has a pretty neat connector that will write the meeting name, date time and even a link for an ICS file into a data card. This makes email templates very easy.


    I wish Campaign Canvas would let you specify what data card values to send emails to. You can use a data card in a field merge in campaign canvas BUT it will only use the most recent data card. Ideally I'd want to use a single data card for all of my meetings that way I can build a single email template. Yes, I could use Program Builder, but that's even slower than Campaign Canvas.


    As far as the recording we use an 3rd party solution to capture it but I think both are pretty straight forward.

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    Anita Covelli (Wehnert)

    I'm curious to hear from Topliners folks about what other pros and cons you see with each of the webinar integrations available today. What would you like to be able to do that you can't do today?

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      Eddie Stemkowski

      I'd love to setup multi-session registration for a webinar series using a single campaign. Campaign canvas doesn't permit multiple entry points to a campaign even if you click allow members to enter more than once (they can re-enter only after exiting it.) I'm chomping at the bit to set up a dynamic registration flow. If I knew some more coding maybe I could come up with some HTTP POST script or something that would bypass campaign canvas and the Cloud Connectors?

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        Michael McKinnon

        Hi Eddie,


        May I ask why you want all your webinars on one campaign canvas?


        As this can pose several problems.


        I would consider one webinar = one campaign.This becomes especially true if you are using CLR to do your campaign attribution. CLR will put everyone into the same SFDC campaign (if all your webinars reside on the same canvas) even though I would think you would want each webinar correlated to one SFDC campaign. This way you could report on each webinar individually.


        You can certainly let people register for more than one webinar and then use conditional processing steps along with hidden fields to shuffle those people to the correct campaign. This way you maintain the integrity of your single webinar while allowing people to register for one or a series.


        I would love to hear you elaborate on your use case though as I might be missing a key point as to why you want to do it this way.

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          Eddie Stemkowski

          Hi Michael,


          We're actually not passing on our campaigns into SFDC at the moment. We need to establish some ground rules, naming conventions, etc., before we pass the campaigns on (and of course by extension, CLR.) Once we have those in place, than we would want to stick with one event per campaign.


          For our particular use case, manually configuring 50+ Cloud Connectors (since we host at least 1 event per week) isn't the most fun. I'm looking for a way to dynamically populate the event for a Cloud Connector but I'm getting stumped by the need to create a unique ID which is generally in the format:


          Event ID (email address)


          One of our developers put together a script for a one time event that worked - but I'm not really comfortable working in Javascript. Trying to see if there is some way to populate the unique id using processing steps or something...

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            James Solo

            Hi Eddie,


            We are in the same situation with running multiple WebEx sessions each week.  Did you ever come up with a scalable production safe solution?  If so, I'd be very interested in learning what you did.


            Many thanks,


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              Eddie Stemkowski

              So we wound up using the event module in conjunction with form tool Cloud Connectors (we mainly use GTW vs WebEx but same thing applies.) Since I was never able to get ahold of a Javascript resource (which would have let us use a single Cloud Connector for all our sessions), I have multiple form tool Cloud Connector steps (each manually configured) that execute based on a conditional step.


              There are a few update rules that I have in place (to place them in shared lists, once the Attendance query Cloud Connector runs - which is a single step - only configured once - in Program Builder) but the Event Module allows you to execute processing steps based on the date of the event. It also lets me use email templates with one set of merges vs creating multiple ones if I was using different CDOs for different events.