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Reachforce vs. DemandBase for data enrichment

Evaluating Reachforce vs. DemandBase for data enrichment and possibly cleansing (in E9).   Looking for perspectives on each one.  Why did you choose the service that you did?  Has it met your expectations?   Have you had a good client experience


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    We just recently implemented Reachforce Smartforms for data append. We chose the service because of ease of use and a referral from someone in their bata program. I really like the user experience for the person submitting the form and the amount of data that we're able to append is already improving our scoring methodology and the field completeness/score of the database. Implementing Smartforms was incredibly easy. My developer and I were amazed at how simple it was to get up and running. Our implementation and account management team has been great. I'm consistently surprised with the level of customer service and account management we receive. The one disappointment I've had is that you do have to have an active D&B data contract in order to pull in DUNS number. That wasn't made clear to me during our sales cycle, but we're working on resolving that. I highly recommend Smartforms for data append. I'm happy to answer questions if you have them.

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    Christina Creamore

    Hi Gonzalo,



    We are an Eloqua 9 user and we completed an extensive look into both vendors several months back. We really did our due diligence into researching
    both products and vendors and even completed a match test on a small portion of our database with each vendor. The end result is that we selected to go with Reachforce over DemandBase.  We appreciated their match capabilities (98% on our tests) their price point and the fact that they could offer one stop shopping on a lot of our data needs.  We have been very satisfied with the agreement we have in place and our Reachforce Team goes above and beyond when
    working with us, their customer service is top notch.  We implemented SmartForms and have had our entire Eloqua base cleansed and appended at a 98% or higher match rate which has had tremendous impact to our scoring programs. We will be looking to kick off additional projects with this vendor later in our fiscal and have complete confidence in their capabilities.   Happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

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    Mylissa and Christina - thanks for sharing some insights here.